Management Matters - Ad hoc or optimised?

by Brian Franklin (Senior Consultant)

One of the challenges afcing local government in the delivery of projects is acheieving value for money - the provision of the greatest good to the community in the most efficient way, thus resulting in greater opportunity with an allocated level of funding.



Corporate Governance - Program and Project Management:

Time for change in the public sector

by Bruce Glendinning and Murray Gough

"Many Organisation have recognised the importance of Program and Project Management from Corporate Governance to project level but are wrestling with how to implement methodology, processes and practice. the customisation of PM framework and development of competencies is the key to expected results. Inevitably, this results in cultural change"

Change Management in the Australia Public Sector

Corporate Improvement Process for Project Management Maturity

by Murray Gough

"There is a growing trend for Executives, Portfolio, Program and Project Managers to be involved in enterprise-wide enhancements of project management. Development of KPI's measure both organisational maturity and manger performance. The result adds value to business and project outcomes, and results in increased ownership, morale and cost effectivness."

BPPM "CIP" Process