"State of the Art" Consultancy in Project Management

BPPM offers clients an objective, yet critical appraisal of the work environment in which projects (in particular) are to be created and managed. This appraisal incorporates the following:

Initial appraisal of the corporate setting involving:

  • Establishment of the current setting/situation
  • Identification of major problems associated with realising outputs from the workforce and outcomes for the organisation
  • Identification of implications if there is no change to the business environment
  • Solve "difficult" project needs by using Project Recovery Techniques
  • Assessment of the corporate/business/project/operational needs and recommendations

Corporate Improvement Process (CIP) for Organisational Maturity

BPPM works closely with Executive/Middle/Project and Operational Managers to identify and assess requirements for enhancement/change.

Techniques used for this work include:

  • Initial interviews to determine the context
  • Establishment of an outline/draft project plan for the initiative
  • BPPM submits a formal proposal (using the draft project plan) for intended work
  • Confirmation of the Scope of intended work and development of a detailed project plan
  • Implementation of the agreed project plan
  • Assessment of achievements against agreed milestones

Consultancy Services

BPPM has access to leading edge expertise in project management. Our consultants have proven expertise in the following areas:

  • Executive Seminars in project management for public and private sector organisations to familiarise executives with trends and development in project management expertise and application.
  • Assessment of organisational maturity of organisations to operate in the project management environment using the internationally recognised the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) approach.
  • Executive Workshops to define action plans for the implementation of project management strategies organisationally
  • Development of project and business-related procedures and PM Manual and Guides to manage projects
  • Supervision and management of project portfolios/managers/projects for and on behalf of clients
  • Assessment of project managers against Australian and International competency standards in project management for the recognition of professional status. For example, the AIPM Registered Project Manager Program (Reg PM) allows for qualification at three levels: Master Project Director, Registered Project Manager and Qualified Project Practitioner.
  • Coaching and mentoring of directors/project managers in their project / organisational roles
  • Developing and managing a program/project health check system
  • Managing project recovery for those projects that are failing expectations
  • Development and management of KPI's for project, program and business