• Excellent, comprehensive and a useful resource for the workplace.
  • Good practical examples that can be implemented on projects in my current role by using similar tools/techniques.
  • Thorough, providing a great insight with practical tools and templates for implementation.
  • Relevant and easy to understand. Allowed me to conceptualise the real use of materials studied. Enjoyed the real examples.
  • Excellent, the comprehensive notes are a good explanation that reinforces what was said.
  • Quality and relevant information presented.
  • High quality and entertaining. The tools will encourage a suitable Project Management process within the Department.
  • The material presented, and the presenters’ experience, has provided an excellent coverage of my Company’s Project Management process.
  • Very comprehensive, covering a lot of areas in fine detail. Some new ideas presented. Some existing ideas confirmed.
  • I can now see how much the Best Practice Project Management teachings can be applied to all aspects of Program, Project Management, Operations, Systems and how they have the potential to replace the current processes and procedures.


  • Clear, concise, and had a wealth of experience.
  • Clear articulation of material, wonderful interaction with group. Each presenter brought a different perspective and had a wealth of knowledge.
  • Certainly knows the subject and was passionate about Project Management.
  • Professional, positive, experienced, educated, articulate, informative and engaging, very good teaching manner.
  • Presenters were excellent. It is easy to be motivated when people know what they are talking about and how to break it down so it is easy to learn.
  • Excellent! Presentations at a good pace with relevant example, knew their stuff!
  • Most experienced and thorough knowledge of Project Management.
  • Clearly knowledgeable on the subject matter, and also on the workings of our Company/Department.
  • Clear and succinct; they have a lot of industry experience and knowledge which they shared.
  • Professional, very interactive.
  • Well spoken, thorough in knowledge and presented information well.


  • Relevant to the subject material, a good method of consolidating learning. Using real projects enabled me to translate learning back to the workplace and current/live projects.
  • Exercises were an effective way to reinforce the learning outcomes in a practical manner.
  • Going through practical examples and applications of each was very useful.
  • By allowing us to put the learnt knowledge into practical application/particularly current projects, allowed for increased understanding.
  • Very useful! Consolidation of the material.
  • The exercises were helpful in understanding each area learned and how to implement into real work experiences.
  • Great, they were all related back to the current project we were working on. Valuable information.
  • It was very useful to use practical examples to see how the framework could be applied to different project types.
  • Meaningful exercises, relating to real aspects of our business.